Universal Holder 7 - 10 "- Art AX-01 on the glass and headrest (280803)

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Universal in-car holder 7 - 10 - Art AX-01 for windscreen and headrest

Long trips never have to be boring again, thanks to the AX-01 in-car holder from Art. Designed to be easily mounted on the windscreen or headrest of your car, it has adjustable sides, and can accommodate devices between seven and ten inches wide. Use it to mount a tablet, eBook reader or portable DVD player and keep youngsters entertained. For drivers, it can be used to house a Satnav or mobile phone. A strong suction cup allows for windscreen mounting, while grips make it easy to attach to the headrest of a seat. Available in black, this is the ideal gift for those who clock up some serious mileage.

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