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Capacitive stylus for LCD touchscreens

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Advanced functionality and awesome aesthetics

Ever tried to use your smartphone while wearing gloves? We have – and it’s next to impossible! Whether you favour your phone or you prefer to tap on your tablet, we’ve created a collection of top-of-the-range stylus pens for touch screens. You’ll find something to suit all tastes, from stylus pens that look like regular writing implements to snazzy, mini stylus pens that cold have been beamed back from the future! At etuo, you’ll find one of the largest ranges of stylus pens online, allowing you to choose the stylus that best suits your lifestyle.

Putting the style into stylus

If you’re working in the cold or want to keep your touch screen fingerprint-free, our range of stylus pens offers the perfect solution. Each stylus is light, and you can choose the length that works best for you, from mini stylus pens that are a mere 4cm long, to longer versions that reach up to 11cm. On top of that, you’ll find that some of the stylus pens sport connectors that allow you to plug them straight into your phone or tablet. With precision heads that have been specially adapted never to scratch your screen, you can send emails, use apps and surf the internet quickly and easily.

The future at your fingertips

Our stylish stylus collection includes stylus pens that are compatible with almost every kind of smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re a Samsung user, an Apple-only advocate or Huawei is your brand, you’ll find a stylus to match your phone. Within each category, you’ll find a superb selection of styles and colours to choose from. At etuo, we offer a hassle-free shopping experience. With no registration to worry about, 24-hour shipping and a 30-day returns policy, you’ll soon be the proud owner of a stylus pen, without any fuss. For more details, browse our collection of stylus pens for touch screens and choose yours today.