Tempered glass, protective films for ZTE

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ZTE: effective LCD screen protectors

Stylish phone models need full display protection to preserve this beauty for a very long time. Our offer includes a protective film specially prepared for ZTE phones and tempered glass with high resistance to all kinds of damage. The foil for the display has been perfectly cut and perfectly matched to the dimensions and shapes of the screens of individual models.

Protect your ZTE with durable accessories

Simple mounting, low price and good protective properties are the basic advantages of this solution. Every owner of a ZTE smartphone will certainly appreciate the possibility of being provided with dedicated protective glass of increased hardness. 9H glass is a perfect protection of the screen against scratches, breakage or cracking. The durable smartphone display cover has been well adapted to the smartphone model to fit it. Both the polycarbonate film and glass protect the device's display very well against many different scratches, abrasions and dirt. In addition, the screen casing is covered with a special oleophobic coating, which makes it much easier to remove dirt and greasy fingerprints from the surface than with regular foils. In the case of polycarbonate film, the advantage is its negligible thickness, thanks to which it does not optically thicken the phone and is almost invisible after correct application.

ZTE: brand description

ZTE phones enjoy great popularity, which is growing year after year. Users appreciate them for a reasonable price compared to the technical specifications. ZTE Corporation is not only the largest Chinese supplier of telecommunications equipment, but also a pioneer in this sector among Chinese companies. It was founded in 1985 and is currently the largest supplier of telecommunications equipment in the Middle Kingdom. Apart from mobile phones, it produces tablets and USB modems. Over the past few years, ZTE has increased the production of smartphones, which are now becoming increasingly popular in Europe.