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Tempered glass, protective films for Xiaomi

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Xiaomi: effective LCD screen protectors

Our offer includes protective film specially prepared for Xiaomi phones and tempered glass with high resistance to all kinds of scratches and damage. 9H glass will protect every precious phone even against breaking the matrix when hit or dropped on a hard surface. The polycarbonate film dedicated for Xiaomi smartphones has been perfectly cut and perfectly adjusted to the size and shape of the screens of individual models. This makes it not only functional but also extremely aesthetic. High quality at an attractive price.

Best protection for your Xiaomi

Why think about protecting your Xiaomi device? Despite its robust design, no smartphone will be 100% resistant to mechanical damage caused by rubbing, knocking or falling from height. One fall may be the unfortunate one that will break the display and your Xiaomi will never be the same device again. Both the foil and the safety glass in our shop do not cost much, and they will spare you a lot of nerves and take care of your device! Ultra-thin, made of good materials, will take the power of impact on you, effectively reducing the chances of destroying your phone.

Xiaomi: brand info

The smartphones of the Chinese giant are among the increasingly popular mobile devices, which makes them effective competitors. Xiaomi is a privately held Chinese company that designs, manufactures and sells smartphones, mobile applications and various types of consumer electronics devices. The basic distinguishing feature of Xiaomi devices is their low prices, especially in relation to the offered quality. The brand has attractive and strong representatives in practically all segments, but it is smartphones that have ensured its solid position on the market. Most of Xiaomi devices belong to the budget sector, where the Redmi series of smartphones are predominant. However, more technologically advanced models are also very popular.