Tempered glass, protective films for Wiko

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Wiko: effective LCD screen protectors

On etuo.uk you can get both tempered glass and protective films for Wiko phones. All of these accessories are made from the finest materials - so that they protect your cameras for years to come. The protective films and glasses are always model-specific, so they will not in any way hinder the use of any features of your Wiko phone. Although smartphones from this manufacturer are not poor quality devices, any phone may fall out of hand and the display may be scratched, damaged or even cracked!

Think about your Wiko protection

Displays are the most sensitive elements of today's phones. So it is worth protecting them properly. You can choose between tempered glasses and protective films. These first accessories are harder. They protect against scratches or abrasions but strengthen the matrix in case of breakage. This is an important feature, as repairing a smartphone screen is always very expensive. Polycarbonate films have a lower hardness than glasses, but they effectively protect against smaller scratches and mask those that are already on the screen. Both glasses and foils also effectively protect the screen from dirt. We offer different versions of glasses and foils for the screen. They can cover the entire screen as well as the matrix itself.

Wiko: brand information

There are many small players in the smartphone market. Most of them don't try to create a brand, instead they just produce more smartphones from the Chinese catalogue on roller conveyor belts. Against the backdrop of all these brands, the French Wiko stands out positively with its higher aspirations. Wiko takes care not only of the look, but also of multimedia identity. In collaboration with a French musician and YouTubeer, PV Nova has created its own sound identification as well as WikoJi icons. These may seem like details, but they clearly show that Wiko is working on its own identity. It wants to become a unique brand.