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Tempered glass, protective films for Vodafone

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Vodafone: effective LCD screen protectors

High quality screen film for Vodafone devices is available from us right away. It allows every smartphone owner to easily protect his or her display from scratches and damage. The polycarbonate film is highly resistant and perfectly matches the specific models of Vodafone devices. We also have high-strength tempered glass, which allows you to take even better care of the safety of your screen. 9H glass is the highest strength and resistance in the field of matrix protection against all kinds of damage.

Why buy a protective accessory for your Vodafone

Both tempered glass and polycarbonate film effectively protect the device screen from many different scratches, abrasions and dirt. Whichever option for Vodafone you choose, the thickness of the accessory is really minimal, so it does not optically thicken the phone and is almost invisible when applied correctly. The protective accessory has customized cut-outs for the screen components, so you can easily use the speaker or camera. The foil has a high transparency, which makes it very well suited to the LCD screen of the smartphone and does not interfere with the touch functions or the original appearance of the device.

Vodafone: Vodafone: briefly about the brand

The name Vodafone comes from VOice-DAta-FONE (Voice and Data Telephone), the name chosen by the founder, who intuited from those years that data would be one of the fundamental elements of future telecommunications. Vodafone is a global mobile operator with a base in the UK, operates in 28 countries and has over 165 million customers. Vodafone is an established company and has been successfully operating in most parts of the world for decades. Vodafone made its first mobile phone call in the United Kingdom a few minutes after midnight on 1 January 1985. Vodafone UK made its first 3G voice call on 16 April 2001.