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Tempered glass, protective films for Vivo Y70

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Vivo Y70 - tempered glass

Vivo Y70 - tempered glass

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Tempered glass and protective foil for Vivo Y70

Although most mobile phones today are equipped with super-strong glass as part of their technology and features, installing a tempered glass protector is not a silly idea. Standard glass, even if it is sometimes made of sapphire, does not prevent the scratches or breakages that we are used to seeing all the time.

The right product (installed) in the right place

Correctly installing a tempered glass will be important, if we do not want the screen of our mobile phone to have bubbles or dirt retained under the tempered glass protector itself. The first thing we must do is to place our Vivo Y70 horizontally in front of us. Then, if you are skilled enough, you can remove the protective plastic from the adhesive part, place it and it will stay perfect and without bubbles. But this is not so easy, you run the risk of touching the adhesive part with your fingers and leaving a marked mark or that when you put it on you will have some bubble left that you will not be able to avoid.

Tempered glass: an outstanding material

It offers great resistance to shocks. It has been proven that it is the most effective and also protects the screen from all types of scratches and cracks. It is one of the most resistant materials on the market and is being used in various production processes such as that of household appliances. Imagine that many doors in today's ovens are made of tempered glass, capable of withstanding very high temperatures. Another fact to bear in mind is that it is very easy to install. Just wipe a dry cloth over the original screen and dust it off. There will be no bubbles and once you put it on it will never come off.