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Tempered glass, protective films for Vivo Y11s

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Vivo Y11s - tempered glass

Vivo Y11s - tempered glass

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Advantages of tempered glass protectors

One of the first things that most users do when they buy a new smartphone is often to find the best way to protect it, at least for the first few months, to avoid possible disappointment too soon. Because they stick better and more easily than plastic ones, the touch of the screen with them improves significantly and writing is more comfortable as fingers slide more easily with this protector. The good wearing experience also plays in favour of tempered glass protectors, some of which incorporate anti-fingerprint technology so that the screen does not smudge with hand marks.

What about a protective foil?

Without a doubt, the lightest of all. A plastic protector on our screen serves to ensure that the scratches caused by daily movement are not noticed at all; however, when the falls begin, this little has to do. A plastic protector is a cheap and economical option for covering our device against very slight damage. In other words, if you're a handyman and you tend to fall, this option is out of the question.

Best possible display protection

In order to analyse this type of protector, we must first explain what the Mohs scale is. Behind this name there is a scale from 1 to 10 that evaluates the resistance of a material, with 1 being plaster or talc, and 10 for diamond. In mobile phones, basic range glass or tempered glass protectors can have a hardness level of 8H, for example. This is a really good addition to your smartphone: not only will you avoid scratches, but you will also avoid any damage to your screen from hard falls. In our shop we offer glass from proven manufacturers, with very high material resistance.