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Tempered glass, protective films for Vivo X51 5G

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The most popular protective gadget after back cases

Using a screen protector is nothing new. Many of us have used them at some point and are still using them. These are mostly plastic foils that protect the screen from small scratches. But recently, tempered glass protectors are becoming more popular. Cases are the accessory that never fails and we find them in a thousand different types and shapes for almost any smartphone, from the classic silicone case, to those with different shapes, as if it were a costume contest. But in recent years, another accessory that has become almost indispensable is tempered glass, loved by some and despised by others.

How to read symbols on tempered glass

When we talk about the hardness of a material (hard or soft), we will stick to the physical meaning, about its resistance to scratches, while tenacity (tenacious or fragile) is the resistance to impacts. To qualify the hardness of materials, we use the Mohs scale, which ranges from 1H to 10H, the hardest known material on the planet, diamond.

Most popular screen protection

Tempered glass protectors are the most commonly used, as they offer good protection against scratches, but also provide good resistance against screen breakage. It doesn't mean that they work magic, but it is true that they are the ones that usually give the best results, in addition, they don't negatively affect the feeling you get when you touch the screen. The truth is that it is better to have any display protection than none. Polycarbonate film can also cope with minor damage. However, we are more inclined to buy tempered glass. It is not only harder and thicker, but easier to install.