Tempered glass, protective films for Vivo

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Screen protection next to the case

A mobile phone today is an object of constant use, and is therefore exposed to falls, which can easily damage the device if it is not protected with a resistant material. A tempered glass screen protector is many times essential to extend the life of your mobile device. It is not enough to just use a housing, because the front will still be exposed and this is also very important for our smartphone to continue to function properly. To protect the screen nowadays there are several ways, one of them is the one that brings us here, the tempered glass. With this material we can protect our Vivo phone from knocks, scratches, cracks, etc.

What is a tempered glass screen protector?

It is a shield for the screen of your smartphone made of glass, the level of protection with this material is much higher than the one used previously which is plastic. The reason basically is that it represents a harder material compared to plastic, which is much easier to break. However, we will have to invest a little more in its protection if we use this method. But the increase in price comes with a higher quality, as you get a more durable protection. If you think about it for your Vivo devices, in the long term one investment is more convenient than several investments due to the fracture of the plastic.

Advantages of the tempered glass screen protectors

On the tactile side it is much softer to slide your finger over the glass than over the plastic. Also, in this sense we have to mention that glass is much cleaner. It prevents a blow from passing through to the mobile phone screen, unlike plastic protectors, which are more likely to transmit all the impact to the screen.