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Tempered glass, protective films for TCL 10 Plus

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Glass and foils or the TCL 10 Plus

Foils, films and toughened glass protectors for the TCL 10 Plus come in a range of thicknesses, all designed to maximise protection for your screen against bumps and scratches. A clean screen makes a phone look that little bit more special and loved, and if you want glass, films and foils that don’t impact on your touchscreen either then we have the perfect selection for you.

Screen films for the TCL 10 Plus

Screen films are incredibly thin and lightweight and once positioned onto your screen they’re practically invisible. But don’t underestimate these clever polycarbonate sheets – they protect your screen surface from dirt and scratches all day long. There’s nothing to spoil your phone’s sleek lines, and you can still use all your touchscreen functions with ease.

Screen foils for the TCL 10 Plus

These are a little thicker than the films, offering a greater level of protection if you have a more active lifestyle. They’re still made from polycarbonates, but just slightly thicker to provide an extra level of shock absorption. That means if you drop your phone then there is less chance of your screen cracking if you’ve fitted a foil protective layer.

Tempered glass protectors for the TCL 10 Plus

Let’s dial up the protection and give your phone the most robust and toughest level of defence against knocks, scratches and dirt with a tempered glass protector. Don’t worry about adding too much weight or thickness to your sleek TCL 10 Plus though – these toughened glass protectors are wafer-thin and practically invisible once positioned onto your screen. All of our foils, films and glass protectors are designed specifically for the TCL 10 Plus, so they fit easily and quickly. Don’t risk damaging your screen as soon as your phone is out of the box – browse our range of screen protectors for the TCL 10 Plus today.