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Tempered glass, protective films for TCL 10 5G

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TCL 10 5G - tempered glass

TCL 10 5G - tempered glass

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Films and tempered glass screen protectors - TCL 10 5G

Our foils, films and tempered glass screen protectors are specifically designed to give you maximum protection against scratching, dirt and the effects of bumps and knocks, so your TCL 10 5G stays looking great for years to come. They are specially designed to fit your phone’s screen exactly, providing edge-to-edge protection, with no loss of sensitivity so that your touch-screen continues to work perfectly. And because they’re purpose-made to fit your model, they’re quick and easy to apply, with no fuss, and can be easily replaced whenever you want to refresh your screen. They won’t react to screen cleaner products either, making them long-lasting, practical, and robust.

Screen films for the TCL 10 5G

The lightest level of protection is a film, made from polycarbonates that are scratch-resistant and almost invisible once applied to your screen. They don’t impede on your phones styling or looks in any way, delivering you wafer-thin protection that’s strong and resilient.

Screen foils – a step up

The next level of protection for your phone screen is a foil, which is made from a slightly thicker polycarbonate matrix. Even though it’s slightly thicker than the foil, it’s still practically invisible, giving you greater levels of protection without adding any weight or noticeable thickness to your phone.

Tempered glass TCL 10 5G protectors

For maximum levels of protection, you can’t do much better than our tempered glass protectors. They’re designed to provide an almost impenetrable level of protection for your screen, with the use of incredibly thin and lightweight toughened glass. They also go on with no risk of unsightly bubbles or creases, providing premium protection with no loss of functionality.

Don’t take risks – buy your TCL 10 5G screen protectors today

If you’ve just unboxed your brand-new TCL 10 5G phone, make sure it stays looking its best by buying one of our range of screen protectors specifically made for your phone.