Tempered glass, protective films for TCL

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TCL film and glass screen protectors

You’ve invested in one of the tech industry’s up-and-coming brands, but even TCL phones aren’t ‘cheap’. So make sure you protect your investment as much as you can by teaming up one of our cases with foil, film and glass screen protectors designed for TCL phones. Our foils, films, and tempered glass screen protectors are specially designed to fit your model of TCL phone. With the cut-outs positioned correctly, access to ports and cameras is unimpeded, while allowing you to use all of the touch-screen functions with no hassle. Simple to apply, they are almost invisible once on and will not affect the performance of your phone in any way. Which one will you choose?

Films for TCL phones

Films are the lightest and thinnest of our screen protectors for TCL phones. They’re made of an ultra-thin matrix of polycarbonates, providing exceptional protection against scratches and dirt, while also being practically invisible once applied. They’re easy to fit, and great for everyday use.

Foils for TCL phones

Films are slightly thicker (by a fraction of a millimetre) and do not distort or affect the use of your touch-screen functions, but they do provide a greater degree of protection for your screen. Not only do they defend against scratches and dirt, but they also have shock absorbency qualities that can help minimise the effects of dropping your phone.

Tempered glass protectors for TCL phones

Tempered or toughened glass screen protectors are the most robust, but despite being thicker than film or foils, they still have no effect on the functionality of your touch-screen. They do, however, form a defensive shield for your screen, fending off everyday bumps, knocks and scratches. No matter which type of screen protection you choose, you’ll find all of our screen protectors for TCL phones easy to fit and highly effective against wear and tear, keeping your TCL phone looking its best. Take a look at what’s on offer and choose your screen protector from etuo today.