Tempered glass, protective films for Sony

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Sony: effective LCD screen protectors

Sony has become famous for very modern and high-quality solutions, which we see in many different devices and electronic equipment. For some time now we can also see the Japanese technology in a series of unique Sony smartphones. Flat, very functional and beautiful phones need equally excellent protection. The best solution is an easy to install, lightweight and effective foil for the screen, which will protect the delicate display from the hardships of everyday use. Polycarbonate film is by far the most popular and the best way to make the phone serve for a long time and always look like new. In our offer there is also very desirable 9H glass - this material is characterized by great strength while maintaining minimal thickness

Protect your Sony smartphone

The strong safety glass also reduces the risk of breaking the matrix when the phone falls. The screen casing is covered with a special oleophobic coating, which makes it much easier to remove dirt and greasy fingerprints from the glass surface than with ordinary glass or plastic substitutes. The quick phone has factory-made, precisely cut-out holes for components on the front of the smartphone. This makes it easy to use the speaker or camera. If you're looking for less hard protection, you can opt for a polycarbonate film which, although less durable, can handle smaller scratches and dirt.

Sony: information about brand

The authors of Sony's phenomenal success are two people. Masaru Ibuka engineer and physicist Akio Morita decided to start a company dealing with repairing and building electrical equipment. On May 7, 1946, Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. was founded in Tokyo. The manufacturer's great fame was brought to Xperia X10, which had Android, and not Windows Mobile as previous versions. The S line was the first one that Sony released entirely under its logo. Today, Sony aims to make its brand the most attractive and modern - not only in terms of smartphones, but also in other markets where it is very successful. Currently, with its flagship series Xperia, one of the largest manufacturers of consumer electronics.