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Tempered glass, protective films for Samsung Galaxy M51

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Tempered glass and protective foil for the Samsung Galaxy M51

If you don't want to cover your Samsung in any way, you can choose to put tempered glass on the phone display or protective film. These gadgets will not change their physical appearance, they will be barely noticeable and at the same time the protection of your device will increase!

Which display gadget to choose?

Both the glass and the foil are easy to assemble, and when removed they leave no ugly spots or glue remains. Please note that the film or glass may not be able to protect your device when falling from a considerable height. The advantage of glass over protective film is its obvious higher strength and thickness. The disadvantage is naturally a slight thickening of the phone screen, which bothers some users. The film, on the other hand, is ultra-thin, one can say that it is barely visible on the surface of the phone. The choice is yours!

The laws of physics can’t be deceived

Both gadgets have a good chance to protect your smartphone in case of a fall, but keep in mind that in case of a fall from the fifth floor such protection is unlikely to resist the energy of impact :). Although the displays in Samsung phones have a reputation for being durable and robust, I don't think it's worth risking, right? Galaxy M51 is not one of the cheapest smartphones, it would be a shame to unsightly damage its most important component, let alone cause irreparable damage to the matrix!

Why invest in additional protection

All our accessories are made of high quality materials and have precisely selected sizes, so that they perfectly match each specific model. All available gadgets to be installed on the phone screen are completely transparent, thus they do not affect the quality of the displayed image. The accessories do not interfere with the touch screen functions either.