Tempered glass, protective films for Samsung

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Samsung: effective LCD screen protectors

Most smartphone users will agree that the Samsung brand is one of the market leaders. The devices present the highest quality and durability, but during daily use, Samsung smartphones also suffer minor damage and scratches. As a result of falling down, the display matrix may even crack. Etuo shop offers two solutions to protect the LTC display: protective polycarbonate films or tempered glass mounted to the front of Samsung.

Best protection for your Samsung

South Korean smartphones are very often seen in the hands of Polish users and that is why we have prepared for them a unique offer of protective accessories for Samsung phones. The delicate screen will be best protected by a durable polycarbonate film, which will resist any kind of scratches and damage to the screen surface. The protective film is easy to install, cheap and extremely durable. We also offer very durable tempered glass, which when applied to the display will protect your smartphone even from serious damage. Tempered glass panel is one of the best ways to make every Samsung still look like new after intensive and frequent use. Our films and glass are perfectly matched to Samsung's specific models and always fit perfectly into their dimensions and shapes.

Samsung: brand info

The Samsung Group operates in many industries. Apart from electronics, also in the automotive or chemical industries. In the past, Samsung has been involved in the production of sugar and insurance (Samsung Life Insurance brand exists to this day). However, the Samsung brand is best known thanks to the equipment produced by Samsung Electronics, the largest member of the concern. Samsung Electronics has existed since 1969. The first device produced by this brand was a black and white TV set. In the 1980s, the company started to produce telecommunications equipment. To this day over 800 million Samsung mobile phones have been manufactured.