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Tempered glass, protective films for Realme 7 Pro

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Tempered glass and protective foil for Realme 7 Pro

When you buy a new mobile, you want to keep it protected. But you don't always know where to start. You know you need a cover, but what about the glass? There are tempered glass protectors that protect the screen of your mobile phone...

High quality, effective screen protection

But how do you choose? What difference does it make? At Etuo we offer you the best tempered glass for your Realme 7 Pro! You can see that there are protectors on the market with hardness levels from 1H to 10H. The resistance increases as we increase the number... For example, 6H is scratched with a steel sandpaper and 7H with glass. The protectors that you can find in Etuo have resistance up to 9H, almost the toughest. To scratch the protective glass you will need silicon carbide tools. Stronger than these are only 10H, lower only than the diamond protection.

What to choose: glass or polycarbonate foil?

Plastic foils are cheaper and protect us from scratches but not from shocks, as all the vibrations from the impact reach the screen. Tempered glass, on the other hand, is a little thicker and more expensive. They are much better to touch, the fingers slide more easily, and they protect your phone from scratches and blows, as on more than one occasion the glass breaks when it reaches its maximum resistance, saving the screen. The foil is enough for those who do not worry too much about the risk of the phone falling. Or they have bought a book-shaped case or a pouch for their phone. However, if the phone does not have the additional protection of a protective flap of the case, the protection seems to be essential!