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Tempered glass, protective films for Realme 7 5G

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Tempered glass and protective foil for Realme 7 5G

Without a doubt, the two best-selling mobile phone accessories are covers and screen protectors, because despite the fact that a lot of progress has been made in recent years in terms of glass (e.g. Gorilla Glass), it is still one of the weakest points of our device. But is it really worth putting on a screen protector?

Plastic protectors

They are the most economical and are dispensable in most of mid-range Android devices, as they can be said to perform the function of Gorilla Glass, i.e. they protect against scratches and nothing else, without any protection against impact. It is basically a very flexible and thin film. Among the advantages is above all its price. Without a doubt, screen protectors made of plastic are the cheapest on the market. They do not last long, but they can be bought in bulk and replaced whenever they get damaged. Depending on what the owner of the phone is looking for they can be a good option to protect the screen. Try our high-quality foils for Realme 7 5G!

Tempered glass protectors

They are the best, both in terms of durability, reliability and simplicity of installation. These, besides protecting the precious screen of our smartphone against scratches, will also protect it against the vast majority of hits, avoiding the breakage of the screen in most cases. One of the most obvious examples of protection is when a mobile falls into sand or stone - which without a hardened protector would result in an almost certain breakage of the screen. With a protector, it is most likely that the protector will break and the screen will remain intact, but for example, if the mobile touches the ground with a corner, it is very likely that the screen will break without the protector breaking.