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Tempered glass, protective films for Realme 7

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Realme 7 - tempered glass

Realme 7 - tempered glass

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Destroyed screen = no pleasure in using the device

However, due to the design of mobiles and to the fact that they are lighter and thicker, current smartphones are not as resistant, resulting in many broken screens, which are not cheap to repair, especially if the LCD gets damaged. To protect it, the solution throughout the years was plastic foil, but now more and more people are using tempered glass, which offers greater protection. Naturally, polycarbonate foil has its advantages: it is thinner, less noticeable. Some smartphone users prefer to protect the screen only from minor scratches, for example due to frequent contact of the screen surface with keys or other sharp objects in their pocket, bag or backpack. The choice is yours. Adjust your Realme screen protection to your lifestyle!

How to put on tempered glass

The assembly of tempered glass is trivially simple. All we have to do is make sure that the touch screen, on which we stick tempered glass, is thoroughly cleaned of all pollen. You will also get two cloths in a set with tempered glass. One cloth soaked in alcohol, which we will clean the screen and the other one, which we will wipe it dry. Do not use any additional sticky substances. Tempered glass should be carefully fitted to the screen and pressed lightly.

Glass/Foil dedicated to only one smartphone model

It is essential to pay close attention when making a purchase to whether it is dedicated to our mobile phone model. Each smartphone is different from other dimensions and the arrangement of such elements as camera lens, flash, microphone or speaker. It is important that the additional layer is cut out and precisely fitted to our phone. In the case of all smartphones, including Realme, tempered glass is usually marked with a specific model to which it is dedicated.