Tempered glass, protective films for Realme

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Protective glass and films for Realme phones

Tempered glass protectors are also known as toughened glass covers. They are protectors made of glass and as such, during the construction process they can be made as hard as one wishes.

How do you put a tempered glass?

A very frequent question is how to apply the tempered glass protector. It couldn't be more simple! These accessories have a sticker that is fixed to the screen. Good quality ones, like the ones we sell at Etuo, do not leave air bubbles or stain-like residues. This is where the Mohs scale comes in. This scale establishes levels of scratch resistance based on different materials. The scale is organised from 1 to 10 in hardness. The level of hardness is a determining factor in establishing the differences between two tempered glass protectors. For instance, the glass used in a random screen protectors for mobile phones is on a par with corundum, level 9 in hardness: only below the protection we would get from diamond. Feel its great resistance, not only to scratches, but also to impacts.

Why should you put glass on your Realme device?

The most positive side is that its hardness and level of protection is higher, both in terms of scratches and possible impacts, than that of the standard protector. Another advantage is that the fingers slide more smoothly through a glass protector than through a plastic one. We also recommend that you use this protection with a good case or cover for your phone, which will increase the protection of your phone. A great combination that can withstand almost anything. If you plan to carry a premium mobile in your pocket or bag between your keys, coins and other things, your device is in serious danger.