Tempered glass, protective films for Razer

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Razer: effective LCD screen protectors

Even though Razer smartphones are solid equipment, unfortunately, they can not only get dirty, but above all be scratched or broken. A moment of inattention is enough for the phone to fall out of your hands and your misfortune is ready. How to prevent damage to front screen? It is best to equip it with additional protection in the form of foil or glass. Looking for solutions dedicated to your smartphone? In the Etuo shop you will find tempered glasses and protective films for Razer smartphones - all sized, from reputable manufacturers. Our polycarbonate films and tempered glasses for your phone will provide your smartphone with maximum protection.

Keep your Razer phone protected!

Razer phone equipped with foil will not be scratched if you carry your keys in your purse or if the screen has to deal with sharp nails. The good quality film creates a smooth surface on the screen, without bubbles or creases. Another proposal from Etuo store is modern protective glasses. It is a solution for those who count on maximum screen protection. Tempered telephone glasses are virtually scratch-resistant. Additionally, they act as a cushioning. If a smartphone falls down, the screen has a better chance to remain intact.

Razer: brand for gamers

The Razer brand is a pioneer in the production of mice, keyboards, headphones and other devices dedicated to computer gamers. The player is a very specific customer, with precise, often exaggerated expectations. The Razer brand is perfectly suited to this dynamic market and every now and then presents new products that outclass the competition. Razer Phone is the first smartphone of the company known for its gaming accessories. The device, which was created especially for gamers, is distinguished by its top specification, where you can find Snapdragon 835 system, up to 8 GB of RAM and 64 GB of fast UFS memory.