Tempered glass, protective films for Orange

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Orange: effective LCD screen protectors

Orange phone owners are offered excellent quality protective films and tempered glass for the display - additional protection will allow you to enjoy the perfect condition of the screen during the entire lifetime. Protective film is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way for the touch screen of your smartphone to resist the hardships of everyday life - scratches, cracks and dirt. Excellent quality tempered glass allows you to protect any LCD screen without reducing its sensitivity or making it difficult to use the device itself.

Protect your Orange phone with a durable protective accessory!

Lightweight and easy to assemble accessories have been designed with the most demanding users in mind - both the glass and foil for the screen have been perfectly matched and cut to fit the shape and dimensions of the matrixes in specific models of Orange phones. The glass is only 0.3 mm thick and the film layer is virtually undetectable. Therefore, neither of the accessories thickens nor deforms the display surface. It is worth thinking about buying a protective accessory right after buying a new Orange phone.

Orange: about the brand

One of the most famous telecommunication companies has gained fame and is one of the most popular telecommunication service providers in our country. Orange plc was established in 1994 in Great Britain. Five years later the company started its international expansion. In 1999 Orange was bought out by the German company Mannesmann, which was itself bought out by the British Vodafone after a few months. Due to antitrust regulations, Orange was sold in 2000 for €39.7 billion to France Télécom and became the official mobile network brand, the fourth largest network in the world. In addition, the Group provides ICT services, leased line services and other telecommunications value-added services and sells telecommunications equipment.