Tempered glass, protective films for Oppo A15

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OPPO A15 screen protectors

When you’re using your phone or it’s in your bag or pocket, your screen can easily get damaged. Small scratches and dirt can build up and leave your phone looking old and worn out. Preventing this damage is key to keeping your phone looking new for longer. The solution is to use one of our OPPO A15 screen protectors. We have a choice of films, foils and tempered glass. They’re all highly sensitive for accurate touch screen use. They don’t distort images. And because they’re tailored to your OPPO A15, they’re easy to fit.

OPPO A15 screen films

Made from a very thin layer of polycarbonate, our OPPO A15 screen film offers good protection against dust and scratches. It’s the right size to make it easy to fit and once it’s in place, it is virtually invisible. There’s no loss of touch screen functionality and no distortion either.

Screen foils for OPPO A15

If you need a little extra protection for your screen, take a look at our OPPO A15 screen foil. This is also made from polycarbonate, but is a little thicker to provide a shock-absorbing buffer against knocks as well as shielding from scratches and dirt. It’s also easy to apply and can barely be seen once in place so you can still enjoy the great looks of your phone. It allows full touch screen use.

Tempered glass OPPO A15 screen protectors

The best level of screen protection comes from one of our OPPO A15 tempered glass screen protectors. This is made from ultra-thin 9H tempered glass. It’s so thin you can barely see it once it is applied and it is clear to eliminate any worries about distortion. Despite being so thin, it is exceptionally hard to offer effective protection from scratches, dirt, and knocks.