Tempered glass, protective films for Oppo

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Oppo: effective LCD screen protectors

The touch panel in modern smartphones is their main advantage, providing the convenience of using, surfing the web, multimedia or talking to your loved ones, but at the same time the most sensitive part of the cameras, which can be easily scratched, dirty or even broken if dropped out of hand. Protective films and tempered glasses are transparent, almost invisible covers that stick to the phone to take full advantage of its functionality, while effectively protecting the screen from scratching or even breaking if you fall to the ground.

Think of the safety of your Oppo

The protective lenses and polycarbonate foils that fit the particular Oppo model do not change the quality of the displayed image in any way, and their cut-outs located exactly where the components are located allow you to conveniently use the function button, speaker or camera to take pictures, without compromising the smartphone's tactile functions. Polycarbonate films and tempered glass easily stick to the screen of your camera by themselves, making sure we've done our best to make sure you can use your smartphone for long periods of time, making it look like it's straight from the showroom and protecting it from accidents that can happen in any situation.

Oppo: New competition in the smartphone market

OPPO is a brand established in 2004 by BBK Electronics - a Chinese concern that grew up to produce cheap game consoles. Initially, OPPO's portfolio included mainly renowned MP3 and MP4 players, but in 2008 it was extended with mobile phones. Today, these are the core of the company's operations. OPPO is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. According to the IDC report, OPPO was ranked fifth on the list of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world in 2018. Right after Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi, the brands that are well known to Polish consumers.