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Tempered glass, protective films for OnePlus Nord N100

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OnePlus Nord N100 screen protectors

If you don’t have a book-style phone cover for your OnePlus Nord N100 it’s worth buying a screen protector. Our choice of foils, films, and tempered glass screen protectors shield against dirt and scratches to keep your phone screen looking and working its best. There’s no distortion and your touch screen will still work. And because we’ve made our screen protectors to fit your OnePlus Nord N100 perfectly, you’ll find it simple to put on with no hassle.

OnePlus Nord N100 screen films

A screen film is an exceptionally thin layer of polycarbonate, which protects your screen from scratches and dirt. Once it has been applied, you can hardly see it but it will do a great job of protecting your screen from the effects of dirt and everyday use. When you buy our OnePlus Nord N100 screen film, you know it will be the right size with no fiddly trimming to worry about.

Screen foils for OnePlus Nord N100

Foils are the next level up in screen protection. They’re slightly thicker than a film but made from the same polycarbonate material. The added thickness provides a little extra shock absorption to help protect your OnePlus Nord N100 screen from minor knocks and bumps. They also defend against scratches and dirt while still being almost invisible once applied.

Tempered glass OnePlus Nord N100 screen protectors

Our 9H tempered glass screen protectors offer the ultimate level of screen protection for your OnePlus Nord N100. They are made from a very hard but thin layer of tempered glass to act as a shield against dirt, scratches, and scrapes. Placed over your screen, they are virtually invisible and enable full touch screen functionality. They’re designed to be easy to fit perfectly and there’s no risk of bubbles.