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Tempered glass, protective films for OnePlus Nord N10 5G

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OnePlus Nord N10 5G screen protectors

It’s all too easy for scratches to appear on the screen if you put your phone loose in your pocket or bag. Our film, foil, and tempered glass screen protectors offer a nearly invisible shield for your screen with no compromise on functionality. Our range is made specifically for your OnePlus Nord N10 5G so you can be confident it will be easy to fit perfectly.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G screen films

Our wafer-thin polycarbonate films are practically invisible, so you can still enjoy your phone’s great looks. They’re also highly sensitive, so you keep all your touch screen functionality. You might not be able to tell it’s there, but it will be working hard to protect your screen against everyday scratches.

Screen foils for the OnePlus Nord N10 5G

The next step up in protection is a screen foil for your OnePlus Nord N10 5G. These offer a thicker polycarbonate layer for added protection against knocks and bumps as well as scratches. You’ll discover that once the foil is applied, it’s almost impossible to tell it’s there.

Tempered glass OnePlus Nord N10 5G screen protectors

If you want your phone to look its best for as long as possible, you might want to consider buying a OnePlus Nord N10 5G tempered glass screen protector. These screen protectors are made from incredibly thin but hard 9H tempered glass. They provide a reliable defence from scratches, dirt, and everyday knocks and bumps. Once you’ve applied it, you can hardly see it and they don’t interfere with your touch screen. They’re also easy to fit with no risk of bubbling. Keep your OnePlus Nord N10 5G looking its best for longer. By a screen protector now and safeguard your screen from grime, scratches and bumps.