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Tempered glass, protective films for Nokia 2.4

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Nokia 2.4 - tempered glass

Nokia 2.4 - tempered glass

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Nokia 2.4 screen protectors

Buy a Nokia 2.4 screen protector to help keep your new phone looking its best for longer. Our range of films, foils and tempered glass are all designed to help you avoid getting scratches on your screen and keep it looking box-fresh. Barely visible once applied, our screen protectors are an effective shield against dust and grime. Made specifically to fit your Nokia 2.4, it’s easy to apply our protectors. We only use high-quality materials, so you can be certain your phone will look great and work perfectly.

Screen films for Nokia 2.4

Our Nokia 2.4 screen films offer value-for-money protection for your screen. It’s made from a sheer layer of polycarbonate that protects against dust and scratches. It’s simple to apply and is made to measure for your convenience. The film is extremely sensitive, so your touch screen will still work perfectly. And once it’s applied you will hardly notice it’s there.

Screen foils for Nokia 2.4

Our Nokia 2.4 screen foils are the next level to safeguard your screen. They’re made from a slightly thicker polycarbonate material compared to the films. This has extra shock-absorbing qualities, helping your phone screen stand up to gentle knocks. They are highly sensitive, so you can still navigate the touch screen with ease. And they are barely noticeable, so they won’t detract from the look of your phone.