Tempered glass, protective films for Nokia

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Nokia: effective LCD screen protectors

Nokia equipment has always been known for its exceptional robustness and "indestructibility". In the smartphone era, however, LCD displays are unfortunately exposed to damage regardless of the brand and price of the phone. That's why it's worthwhile to get extra protection for your Nokia device: in our shop you have a choice of foils and tempered glass for your smartphone screen. Both the glass and the film are made of high-quality materials that significantly reduce the risk of damage such as cracks in the die, scratches in the front casing or annoying scratches.

Why you should protect your Nokia display

If you're afraid that installing protective glass or polycarbonate film will disfigure or thicken your Nokia, you're totally wrong! The thickness of the glass is only 0.3 mm and the film is virtually undetectable. Each of the two types of accessories is precisely cut out and matched to the selected Nokia model. The use of the device is not interrupted in any way and you can enjoy an aesthetic effect with increased safety of your Nokia.

Nokia: Finnish reliability

Nokia is definitely one of the most renowned mobile phone manufacturers. Although the brand has long since lost its leader's seat for Asian companies, it still manages to create interesting devices. They are often a bit in the shadow of the competition, though inappropriately, because they offer a lot at usually good prices. The latest Nokia smartphones are valued for their quality. Even in simpler models, HMD often decides to use aluminium or glass, and if plastic is used, it fits perfectly. The traditional naming consisting of the Nokia name and number has been revived. There is no trace of phones built entirely by Nokia. The HMD company, which licenses the Nokia brand and part of its intellectual property, surprises us with more and more interesting proposals.