Tempered glass, protective films for myPhone

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myPhone: effective LCD screen protectors

Tempered glass and protective foils for myPhone are durable accessories that protect the device's screen very well against various types of mechanical damage. Both the glass and the protective foil for the front of the smartphone have been properly adapted to the myPhone model to adhere well. The highest hardness of the glass 9h on the Mohs scale provides excellent protection against strong scratches, abrasions and even cracks in the LCD screen. Strong protective glass also reduces the risk of breaking the matrix when the phone falls. The screen cover is covered with a special oleophobic coating, which makes it much easier to remove dirt and greasy prints. If you prefer a thinner protective layer on our myPhone, you should consider buying a polycarbonate protective film.

Protect your myPhone with a durable protective accessory!

Mounting a protective glass pane or foil on your myPhone would be a good decision for many reasons. In both cases, you gain protection for your myPhone's matrix with minimal interference with the thickness of your device. In the case of tempered glass, this is about 0.3 mm, but the film is virtually undetectable. Thus, it does not significantly affect the optical magnification of the smartphone or a radical change in its appearance. Each type of accessories has factory-made, precisely cut-out holes for components on the front of the smartphone. This makes it easy to use the speaker or camera. Of course, the casing is fully transparent, so that it reflects well the displayed image on the LCD screen.

myPhone: Polish manufacturer of durable smartphones

myPhone is a Wroclaw-based manufacturer of smartphones, mobile phones, tablets (under the name myTab) and accessories, whose products are designed for a wide range of customers. The company's offer includes both those who need an easy-to-use device with large keys and a clear display, enthusiasts of ultra-modern smartphones who are not afraid of any game or application as well as those whose lifestyle or passion makes them need a particularly resistant phone. The company, operating on polish market since 2007, is known primarily for the phones supporting two SIM cards at the same time, of which there are several in its offer.