Tempered glass, protective films for Motorola

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Motorola phones: effective LCD screen protectors

Both protective film and toughened glass for Motorola phones are robust accessories that effectively protect the device screen from various types of mechanical damage. The quick protective glass and foil on the front of the smartphone have been properly adjusted to fit the smartphone model to fit it well. he maximum hardness of 9h on the Mohs scale provides excellent protection against strong scratches, abrasions and even LCD screen cracks. Strong protective glass also reduces the risk of breaking the matrix when the phone falls. The screen cover is covered with a special oleophobic coating, which makes it much easier to remove dirt and greasy fingerprints from the surface of the glass pane than with ordinary glass or plastic substitutes.

Perfect protection for your Motorola

Why should you get protective glass or film for your Motorola? Tempered glass is only about 0.3 mm thick, so it does not significantly affect the optical zoom of your smartphone or radically change its appearance. Both foil and glass have factory-made, precisely cut-out holes for components on the front of the smartphone. This makes it easy to use the speaker or camera. Of course, the casing is fully transparent, so that it reflects well the displayed image on the LCD screen. The accessory does not interfere with the touch functions of your Motorola or its original design.

Motorola: Pioneering brand of mobile phones

It was Motorola that first started mass production of mobile phones. Its DynaTAC model, presented in 1973 and launched 10 years later, started a mobile revolution in the world. Currently, manufacturers outdo each other in creating the thinnest phones possible. This trend was also initiated by Motorola, presenting at a special press conference RAZR V3, which was only 7.1 mm thick! Due to this fact, the model was declared the thinnest smartphone in the world and the object desired by everyone.