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Tempered glass, protective films for LG K22

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LG K22 - tempered glass

LG K22 - tempered glass

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The most important protective gadget ever

If your smartphone falls unluckily, a crack in the form of a not very tasteful spider may appear on the display. In order to avoid this, it is worth to buy a screen protection for your mobile device. Durability is certainly the most important feature of safety glass. The higher it is, the better your smartphone display will be protected. When looking for tempered glass, try to find information on the degree of durability. This determines the scale of glass hardness. The toughest glass is usually marked H7 to H9. Choosing glass of a lower hardness will not give your phone good protection, so it is not worth buying it.

Will glass not make it difficult to use the smartphone?

Well chosen tempered glass does not become an obstacle in everyday phone use. It still provides the same excellent picture quality as before glass is applied. It also does not affect the touch sensitivity of the screen. Its strength, despite the extremely small thickness of the glass, provides excellent protection against cracks. The fall of the phone to the floor does not have to end tragically for the screen. With the glass on, we can enjoy the screen in perfect condition for a long time since it was installed. It is best not to wait too long, deciding on protection shortly after buying a new LG K22.

Or maybe a thin polycarbonate foil?

If we are thinking about what kind of protective foil to buy on the phone, we should first of all consider that it is less protective than tempered glass. What are the characteristics of protective foils that are superior to tempered glass? When choosing a protective foil, we should pay attention to matching the film variant to the screen of our smartphone and the shape of the cut-out. In Etuo you will only find foils and glasses dedicated to a particular model. Sometimes there are also foils and glasses dedicated to specific models of smartphones which are very badly cut and therefore do not properly protect the whole surface of our display.