Tempered glass, protective films for LG

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LG – effective protection for your mobile phone

You might not think that finding a screen protector for your LG mobile phone could be difficult, but it can. With so many options available on the internet, many customers don’t know where to start and end up buying inferior ‘universal’ solutions. At etuo, we believe in giving our customers exactly what they want, which is why we offer one of the best selections of LG screen protectors anywhere online. To save you wading through endless search results, we’ve grouped them all together, accompanied by all the information you’ll need to find the right LG screen protector for your phone.

Advantages of an LG screen protector

All the LG screen protectors in the etuo collection are designed specifically for LG phones, so you know they’ll fit perfectly. Browse our range and you’ll find them available as protective films, foils and tempered glass. Protective films are ideal for protection against scratches. Made from clear, lightweight and tough polycarbonate, they’re easy to apply and offer an extra layer of defence against dirt. Our protective foils are also made from polycarbonate, a near-indestructible material. Made slightly thicker, foils offer excellent shock-absorption and will help to save your screen from the effects of impacts or drops, in addition to keeping it scratch-free. However, if you want to give your phone the ultimate in protection, check out our selection of 9H tempered glass LG screen protectors. Almost as hard as diamonds and crystal-clear, this is for those who want to keep their phone looking and performing its best.

LG – brand information

South Korean company, LG, began its life as ‘Lucky Goldstar’ in 1947, before adopting the now-familiar abbreviation ‘LG’, in 1995. It is South Korea’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer, held off the top spot by industry giants, Samsung. It currently employs over 220,000 people and enjoys an annual revenue of around $17.7billion. While its headquarters remain in Seoul, the company has subsidiaries in 49 countries worldwide.