Tempered glass, protective films for Huawei

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Huawei – effective screen protection for your mobile phone

While Huawei might be one of the bigger manufacturers of mobile phones, finding accessories for yours can prove difficult. It’s not because there aren’t enough products out there; the problem is that there are too many! Knowing which to buy can be confusing for many consumers. At etuo, we like to keep things simple. We know that keeping your phone’s screen protected is essential to keep it looking and working its best, which is why we’ve assembled a range of Huawei screen protectors. You’ll find them all together in one place, with all the information you’ll need to choose the one that’s right for your phone.

Advantages of a Huawei screen protector

When you buy a Huawei screen protector from etuo, you know that it’s been specifically designed to fit your phone perfectly. Not only does this make installation easy, but it also ensures you’re giving your phone maximum protection against the wear and tear of daily life. Our protective films are wafer-thin, almost invisible once applied, and supremely scratch-resistant. If you want to add an extra level of protection, check out our range of protective foils. Just like the protective films, they’re made from polycarbonate, but are a little denser. Not only does this keep scratches at bay, but the foil’s shock-absorption properties can help limit the effects of drops and impacts. However, the ultimate protection is offered by our range of 9H tempered glass Huawei screen protectors. Almost as hard as diamonds, these are the best way to defend your phone from mishaps.

Huawei – brand information

A giant on the mobile phone market, Huawei was founded in China, in 1987. While it began making switches for mobile phones, it quickly expanded into manufacturing the phones themselves. Today, this rapidly expanding global giant employs over 180,000 people and sells its products in more than 170 countries across the world.