Tempered glass, protective films for HTC

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Effective screen protection for your HTC mobile phone

When it comes to mobile phones, HTC is a relatively new kid on the block. As a result, finding accessories for your HTC mobile can be a little tricky. However, as any mobile phone owner will now, keeping your screen protected is essential to keep it working and looking its best. Help is at hand, in the form of etuo’s collection of HTC screen protectors. We offer one of the largest ranges on the internet, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your phone. To make things even easier, we’ve put them all together in one place, with all the information you’ll need to choose the right one for you.

Advantages of an HTC screen cover

Because the etuo range of HTC screen covers is made up of products designed specifically for HTC phones, you can be sure they’ll fit. Not only does this make installation a simple process, but it maximises the levels of protection you’ll receive. Our protective foils are made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate, which also boasts superb shock-absorption properties. These covers are clear, durable and won’t impede the way you interact with your mobile. However, if you want the last word in screen protection, check out our selection of 9H tempered glass HTC screen protectors. The ‘9H’ is an indicator of its toughness. To put things into perspective, regular glass is rated at 5H, while diamonds are rated at 10H.

HTC – brand information

A Taiwanese company, HTC was founded in 1997 and initially made laptops and computers. By 2008, it had expanded into the mobile phone market, releasing the first in a series of Android handsets, beginning with the T-Mobile G1. Two years later, the company joined forces with Google to create the popular Nexus One. Small but mighty, HTC only employs around 30 people, but turns over around $1billion each year. As it gains traction in the European market, this could be a brand to watch.