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Tempered glass, protective films for Google Pixel 5

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Invisible protection: protective glass and foils for your Google Pixel 5

Put extra screen protection on before unsightly scratches and cracks appear. The Etuo shop offers a wide range of protective accessories for the front side of the smartphone.

High quality professional glass and foil for Google Pixel 5

As we know, a protective case is not for everyone. Some people simply prefer to enjoy the original look of their smartphone without thickening it with cash and without changing its colour. Google Pixel 5 is not one of the cheapest smartphones, so it is worth putting on at least a protective glass or foil to protect its expensive display. The foil or glass also makes it easier to clean the front side of the smartphone, the display is cleaner and at the same time the transparent layer is invisible.

Trouble-free accessory removal

If you decide to remove the glass or foil, for example after it has broken due to a fall, you will not find any unsightly spots or glue remains on the display. We recommend this type of protection to fans of the original look of the phone. Modern polycarbonate smartphone protection films are well thought-out accessories that no longer make life difficult for smartphone users.

What is the protective function of glass and polycarbonate film

For obvious reasons, they are well thought-out for a shorter lifetime due to the fact that most smartphone users fall sooner or later. The surface of the film is unlikely to be broken by the fall, but a crack on the glass may cause further cracks. Remember: all this so that your smartphone screen stays clean and safe! Both gadgets will protect the screen against scratches, cushion the forces occurring during a fall, and most importantly, they will not disturb the visibility or operation of the fingerprint scanner integrated with the screen.