Tempered glass, protective films for Doogee

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Doogee – effective screen protection for your mobile phone

As Doogee is a relative newcomer to the mobile phone market, finding phone accessories for your Doogee mobile phone can be a bit of a challenge. However, keeping your phone’s screen in good condition is crucial in order to preserve its function, appearance, and lifespan. Don’t panic – at etuo, we offer one of the largest collection of Doogee mobile phone screen protectors online. To simplify things, we’ve put them all together in one place, complete with all the information you need to find the right one for you. Give your phone the defence it deserves, with a Doogee screen protector from etuo.

Advantages of a Doogee screen protector

While you might be tempted to opt for a ‘universal’ screen cover, it’s much better to buy a dedicated Doogee screen protector. They’re designed to offer a perfect fit and do the job they were designed for. Browse the etuo collection of Doogee screen protectors and you’ll find protective films, foils and glass. Our protective films are deceptively thin yet are superbly resistant to scratching, making them ideal for daily use. If you’re prone to dropping your phone or just want an extra layer of protection, check out our range of foils. Made from ultra-tough polycarbonate, these will minimise the risk of scratching and the effects of droppages and similar mishaps. However, if you want to take the ‘belt and braces’ approach, investigate our selection of tempered glass screen protectors.

Doogee – brand information

A Spanish company, Doogee was only founded in 2013, making it one of the youngest brands on the market. However, in the comparatively short time it’s been up and running, Doogee has made firm inroads into Southeast Asia and is currently making a splash on the international market. With recommendations from the World Mobile Congress in 2016, it won’t be long before this brand becomes one of the high-street regulars.