Tempered glass, protective films for CAT

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Why use a tempered glass protector?

The phone case is currently the most popular type of protective gadget for mobile devices. Most often we buy a case for them and put tempered glass on it. In this way, the risk of damaging the phone decreases significantly and we become calmer. By putting on a tempered glass protector, you avoid scratches and minimize the impact of shocks and falls. The screen is the most fragile and delicate part of a mobile phone, so we recommend that you add to its safety. Today, tempered glass has replaced traditional plastic protectors and has become an essential accessory. Its price is infinitely cheaper than a repair, and you won't even notice you're using it. They are 100% transparent and touch-sensitive accessories. Don't hesitate to get one, because a fall can be fatal for your CAT phone.

Glass assembly

In terms of installation, they also outperform the plastic protector. Although there are complications in both cases, the plastic can always bend and leave a few bubbles around that cannot be removed, which will not happen with the glass mobile phone protector. The tempered glass protector protrudes a little more than the plastic and that makes it more noticeable in some models, but nothing that can't be dealt with.

Screen protection simply pays off!

It goes without saying that users are opting to use tempered glass protection, as they have realised the advantages it has over other protectors currently on the market. While it is true that protective glass is the most expensive, it is also true that it is the least expensive in the long term. That is, you can have the protection on your mobile screen for much longer.