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Tempered glass, protective films for Asus ROG Phone 3

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Tempered glass and protective foil for Asus ROG Phone 3

Every smartphone user knows that the display is the most sensitive component of the device. This is the component through which we perform most operations on our mobile device. A crack in the glass protecting the display often leads to damage to the touchscreen function.

Provide protection for your Asus Rog Phone 3

Even if you do not like to thicken your mobile phone with a protective case, a safety glass or protective film covering the display is an absolute minimum. We know from our experience that it is the front of the device that always has to endure the most, it is the touchscreen that gets scratched and dirty the quickest and eventually breaks. Tempering glass significantly increases the chances of your device to survive a fall from a height. You no longer have to worry about any scratches. Polycarbonate film will similarly provide a sufficient barrier capable of stopping scratches and dirt. Unfortunately, the film will not guarantee the protection of your device against breakage of the display.

Application of protective gadgets on the display

Both the glass and the protective film are easy to apply, any user can do it themselves. All the accessories available in our shop are dedicated to a particular model of smartphone or tablet, so that they perfectly adhere to the front side of the device, matching all the components, such as the front cameras or the speaker. If you're looking for a tempered glass or polycarbonate film for your Asus Rog Phone 3 make sure you add an accessory for the correct smartphone model to your cart! Gadgets available in our shop are products of the highest quality. We guarantee good quality protection for your device. Let your device stay safe in your pocket wherever you go!