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Tempered glass, protective films for Apple iPad Air (2020)

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Protect your iPad screen

Can there be anything more frustrating than an ugly scratch on the screen of a brand new iPhone worth several thousand zlotys? We know how it feels, and that' s why we want to help our clients avoid such sad situations in the future! Apple phone screens have an excellent reputation. Users of larger devices from this manufacturer also admire the quality of this component. We don't think anyone would like to find unsightly scribbles on the beautiful surface of their Apple device or even, God forbid, cracks? Having in mind the users of larger Apple devices, such as the Apple iPad Air from 2020, we present tempered safety glass for this model in our shop!

What makes protective glass effective?

Toughened glass is several times stronger than ordinary glass, and its hardness scale often reaches the level of resistance (9H) to scratches by sharp tools. Still, this does not mean that you are guaranteed not to break the main screen. With every fall and injury, glass loses its strength. Contrary to appearances, this glass does not have to be thick and strongly visible. Once it is well fitted, it can become invisible at first sight.

Tempered glass vs. protective foil: What to choose?

The protective film is a very thin, flexible and, of course, transparent material, which we stick on the smartphone display. What is its advantage over tempered glass? First of all, it is cheaper and thinner. Unfortunately, due to its small thickness, it only protects the screen from scratches and dirt. The protection against damage after falls from height is left to tempered glass. So if we are interested in effective protection against breakage, it is better to buy tempered glass.