Tempered glass, protective films for Allview

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Effective screen protection for your Allview mobile phone

Trying to find the right screen protector for your Allview mobile phone can be difficult. With the market full of universal protectors, finding one that fits perfectly and does the job can feel like a bit of a gamble. At etuo, we know the importance of having the right protector for your phone, which is why we offer one of the largest ranges of Allview screen protectors online. Using etuo means you don’t have to guess whether the screen protector will fit, and you can choose from a variety of materials to suit your needs. Give your phone the protection it deserves with an Allview screen protector!

The benefits of an Allview screen protector

When you buy an Allview screen protector from etuo, you know that it’ll fit your screen like a second skin and protect it from the wear and tear of daily use. Both our foil and film Allview mobile phone screen protectors are made from polycarbonate. Lightweight, cost-effective and virtually indestructible, it’s one of the most effective materials on the market. In addition to being supremely scratch-resistant, polycarbonate is crystal-clear and won’t impede the functioning of your phone. Our Allview protective foils are made from a slightly thicker grade of polycarbonate, offering extra defence against the effects of droppage. Our Allview protective films are flexible, easy to install and ideal for those who want a basic level of screen protection.

Allview – brand information

Allview is a Romanian company and a relative youngster in the mobile phone arena. Founded in 2002, it released its first mobile phones four years later, in the form of the world’s first dual SIM phones. Today, it ranks as Romania’s third-largest producer of portable telecommunications, offering strong competition against big names like Huawei and Samsung. In 2018 it achieved another first, in the form of the Allview X5 Pro, which was its first mobile phone to sport rounded corners, an AVI voice assistant, and a dual camera.