Tempered glass, protective films for Alcatel 1SE (2020)

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Tempered glass and protective foil for Alcatel 1SE (2020)

The protection of our phone plays an important role mainly when our phone is new. This is when we take more serious and responsible care in order to enhance its aesthetics. When we have a new device we want to take care of it at all costs, this is where screen protectors play an important role as well as a cover also has the purpose of preserving the physical state of the mobile phone.

The best possible protection: toughened glass

Tempered glass has certain properties that protect smart phone displays with a great advantage over standard glass or plastic protectors. The big difference that gives tempered glass features is in the way it is made. They are made with a heating at the same time as they are quickly cooled. The main reason why you buy a screen protector is to avoid breaking the screen. The purpose is to cushion or receive the damage, a faster and more uncomplicated solution that is reduced to changing tempered glass and not the display of our screen. The tempered glass does not break completely if it does not break in a smaller way, having more durability to protect the screen of our phone.

Plastic screen protectors

When we buy a new smartphone it is more and more common that it comes with a plastic that covers the whole screen, in most cases it is usually PET type. Its protection is minimal but ensures that at least the scratches do not reach the screen in the first days of use until we get a better one. Its protection does not protect us from impacts or falls, and in addition, in daily use it can cause it to wear out, taking on colour and therefore becoming unusable after a short time. However, it is a very cheap alternative for cheap mobile phones or devices that are not constantly moved.