Tempered glass, protective films for Alcatel

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Effective screen protection for your Alcatel mobile phone

If you’ve ever tried to buy a screen protector for your mobile phone, you’ll know just how difficult it can be. It’s not that there aren’t any on the market, but that there are too many! With universal protectors and one-size-fits-all protectors, deciding which one is best for your Alcatel phone can feel like something of a lottery. At etuo, we’ve made things easier for our customers by offering dedicated ranges for specific makes of phone, including Alcatel. Our selection of Alcatel screen protectors is extensive and informative, helping you to make the right choice, first time round.

The advantages of an Alcatel screen protector

While the glass on modern Alcatel mobiles is much more scratch-resistant than ever before, it’s still vulnerable to damage. Items in your handbag or pocket, the occasional drop and even everyday dirt can all cause unsightly marks on your prized gadget. Not only can this affect your phone’s functionality, but it can also reduce its value – which is something you don’t want, if you’re considering trading yours in as part of an upgrade. The etuo range of Alcatel screen protectors includes those made from tempered glass, protective foil, and protective film. Tempered glass is the big boy of Alcatel screen protectors, offering outstanding durability, while foils are made from resilient plastic. Film protectors are the thinnest of the lot, offering good shock-absorption and convenient, easy application.

Alcatel – brand information

While Alcatel was founded in 1879, it wasn’t until 1998 that this pioneering French company released its first mobile phone. Today, it ranks as the third-largest manufacturer of mobile phones in Europe and continues to challenge its competitors with new and innovative technology. It has cornered the market in North America and is set to expand further into the US. For the perfect screen protector for your Alcatel mobile phone, or as a gift, browse the etuo collection today.