POCO M4 Pro 5G Case - FLEXmat Case - white (475779)

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Colorful silicone case

Highly protective case collection with a high level of flexibility. Made from extremely flexible and durable material the cover grants protection from falling by amortization and thus not letting the vital insides shake too much, mechanical scratches and scratches. The cover itself is resistant to scratches as well, color fading is also not something to be concerned about. Slightly lengthened edges help to protect the vulnerable screen in contact with flat surfaces. Keeping it clean is even easier than keeping clean your smartphone since you can simply use water to wash any potential dirt. The optical enlargement of the phone is barely visible. Thinking of users' needs, the case has built-in spaces for crucial elements such as charger plugin, headphones plugin, and also speaker output. Buttons are covered with designed slightly bigger buttons to ensure using them is simple and comfortable. Covers are made to survive a long time without any visible changes to the original looks. This phone accessory shall fit perfectly into any smartphone user preferences, as well as making an original gift idea for anyone special to you.

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