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How good is your memory?

It’s no secret that smartphones and tablets come with limited storage space. It’s frustrating finding out that you can’t take a picture, receive an email, or download something because you’ve run out of storage space. While external drives can help, they’re not particularly portable or convenient. At etuo, we stock and extensive range of memory cards, designed to give your phone or tablet more storage space, quickly, and conveniently. Memory cards for phone use are much cheaper than buying the latest make of smartphone and, in many cases, can supply you with more memory than these offer. Cost-effective, convenient, and easy to use, micro SD memory cards are the perfect storage solution.

Do you need some space?

Browse our range of memory cards and you’ll find the one that best suits your needs. For those who need a little extra capacity, we offer 8gb, 16gb, 64gb and 128gb micro SD memory cards. If you want more space for things such as apps, files and films, you’ll find that we can provide you with memory cards with all the storage you need and probably a little space left over to play with!

The need for speed

At etuo, we know that speed is just as important as space, which is why you’ll find we stock products such as GOODRAM memory cards for phone use. These support Ultra High Speed interfaces, which ensure that your data is written and read as quickly as possible. These are compatible with other devices, such as e-book readers, cameras and camcorders. In our selection of Toshiba memory cards, you’ll find cards that can be used to transfer files to other devices that have greater storage capacity. There’s no need for registration when you shop online at etuo; just choose your memory cards and check out. For further information, browse our collection of products today.