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LED lights for mobile phones

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Photos in a flash!

As anyone who’s ever tried to use their smartphone’s flash while taking a picture will know that the results aren’t always that good! In part, this is due to the way phones are evolving: as they get smaller and more slimline, the power available for the LEDs gets less and less. At etuo, we’ve got a superb solution to the problems of taking photos in low lighting conditions. Our range of LED lights for smartphones offers dependable illumination, regardless of the power capacity of your mobile. You don’t have to be David Bailey or Annie Leibovitz to use them: these LED lights are compatible with any smartphone.Let there be light!

When your smartphone’s flash isn’t up to the job, just clip on these LED lights and you’ll be able to see what you’re snapping. For maximum spread, the LED lights are arranged in a circle, so you can catch that special moment, no matter how dark it is. What’s more, because the LED lights are external, they won’t interfere with your phone’s operation in any way. For special effects, you’ll even find that some of the smartphone LED lights from etuo boast different lighting functions, such as pulsing. In addition, these convenient-to-carry lights can be used to give some extra oomph to your phone’s torch.

A brighter shopping experience

At etuo, we believe in giving our customers a hassle-free shopping experience. There’s no registration process to go through – just choose your LED lights, go to the checkout, and we’ll have it shipped out in 24 hours. On top of that, we offer a 30-days return policy so, in the unlikely event that you find the product isn’t quite what you were after, you’ve got a month to send it back to us. With one of the biggest ranges of smartphone LED lights available line, browse our collection and get yours today.