Leather Case - gray - Wolf Mountain (463481)

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Engraved etuo Leather Phone Case

Leather Case with beautiful designs

Case from etuo Leather Case collection is a high quality case made of imitation leather. The case for smartphone is made of three materials, which in combination provide good protection for the smartphone and are also its decoration. The silicone bumper reinforced with a plastic plate creates an armoured and lightweight cover which protects the case's back and sides from everyday scratches and dirt. This case also strengthens the body of the phone during falls, which reduces the risk of damaging the device. The external part of the case is covered with single-colour synthetic leather with unconventional engraving. There are many interesting designs available which can help to personalise the device. The case is available with a leather layer with a realistic texture and in one of four colours: black, grey, cinnamon brown and dark chocolate. The armoured leather case by Etuo is an interesting combination which will provide your smartphone with protection and an unusual design. Choose your favourite etuo Leather Case colour with engraving for your phone and enjoy the unique design of your smartphone.

Elegant case with artificial leather

Dedicated case for mobile phones

The etuo Leather Case with synthetic leather and engraving is a dedicated case for mobile phones. The case is made of three materials, is durable and helps protect your smartphone from many damages like scratches and dirt. The case also softens the effects of falls, reducing the risk of serious defects that impede proper functioning of the device. The case has special cut-outs for components that make it easy to access the side buttons, speaker or camera. Moreover, the case fits well in your hand, does not slip out of it and is easy to clean. Leather backs with engraving for phones are solid and resistant, which positively affects the use of the whole case. The Etuo Leather Case is also available without engraving and in other leather shades.

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