Huawei P9 Lite Case - Forcell Slim Flexi - black (97924)

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Flip case - convenient and practical

Classic case collection with a flap to cover the screen. The outside is made of a really elegant material that is both providing great amortization in case of any phone drops and stylish addition to your everyday clothing. The inside of the screen flap is covered with soft delicate material securing the screen from scratches and attrition. Useful pocket mounted inside the cover allows you to pick cards or documents with you taking just the phone and the cover eliminating the need of taking the entire wallet with you on walks. The flap is additionally prevented from opening by mounted magnets holding the flap safely closed. Extremely practical cover that surely shall not fall out of fashion. Inside case mounted to the inner bottom flap keeps the phone from moving around further securing the vital elements in case of the device falls. All the important inputs of the phone as a charger, for example, are left open to be able to use them without taking off entire bumper. This collection is advised especially to people looking for classy protection giving additional visual value.

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