Huawei P9 Lite Case - Flex Book - black (110057)

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A book case for everyone!

Book-like case being a strong alternative option for typical cases. The front flap is made of a delicate material soft enough to not scratch or damage the vulnerable screen while the classic case from high-quality materials is placed within mounted onto the back flap to make sure the phone is held in place and thus protecting it from damage providing further amortization. Lack of magnets does not lower the quality of protection due to a specific build type of the case it can still easily hold to the screen. The surface structure of the accessory is pleasant to the hand assuring a better grip on it. The front flap can also be flipped over in order to create a stable stand for the phone while for example watching a movie or simply to rest your hands. It also has included spaces eliminating the need for taking off the case every time the device has to be charged, camera to be used or headphones to be plugged in. Button section is designed to give the best possible feeling while pressing them. Covers are specifically designed for certain models giving them the best grip onto them eliminating the risk of slipping off by itself.

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