Graver Case - silver (460764)

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This collection contains a variety of armored cases coming in both engraved and clean versions. They are made of a few durable materials, one of which is protecting the phone when falling by absorbing the force of the fall while the other stiffens the phone's main body. The backside is covered with a clean laminate or engraved with an art picked by you from our options. This cover is among the best device protectors available while simultaneously being a new, fresh breath added to your smartphone. They are prepared for specific models making them perfect fit for any of them. Charger, headphones, and side buttons openings are included. There is not one for the speaker however it does not interfere in any way with sound alarms nor playing music. In addition to that, they are insanely easy to keep clean and special tabs on the rants make them harder to accidentally slip out of grip. The case shall make a perfect addition to your smartphone or to the ones close to your heart by making it both fashionable and well protected on an everyday basis.

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