Design your case for Xiaomi Redmi K30S with your overprint

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A tool to create your own case

Even the simplest silicone case significantly improves the safety of your smartphone. When you add colour printing on the surface of the case, the phone will become not only well protected but also unusually attractive. The most important stage of work related to the self-designing of a phone case is the selection of photographs that will decorate its surface. With the help of a wizard, you can reach for ready-made graphics. However, if you want to make your design more unique and want to create a truly personal case that can be given as a gift to someone close to you, design the case using a private collection of photographs.

A simple tool changes your phone

Preparing a unique photo case is a simple task even for those who have no experience in using graphic tools. The wizard used to design the case automatically scales the photos uploaded, so they do not lose quality. Thanks to modern printing techniques the prints are detailed, sharp and very colourful. It is also possible to place an inscription.

An inexpensive original gadget or gift

If you want to be able to show off your Xiaomi unique look, investing in a case with an individual print will certainly pay off. What is important is that the price of such covers does not differ significantly from the prices for traditional cases. Thanks to the possibilities of modern printing technologies, preparing colour prints is nowadays not only easy but also unusually cheap.